Def Leppard: Adrenalize 1992

Not that I could add anything to this amazing Ad, but I'll try. Def Leppard ruled the rock airwaves in the late 80's. They kicked major butt in the early 90's, then they all but fizzled out like a used up alka seltzer soon after. The remnants of their triumph can be seen in many ads from the 90's. Here is a perfect specimen of Def Leppard Propaganda, using classic examples of sexist song names and hair-spray to infect the minds of young adults everywhere. I have to say it. I was a victim and I did want to "Make Love Like a Man" and wear really really tight jeans and grow very long permed hair. Unfortunately my parents were looking out for their son, and wouldn't let me follow in the footsteps of satan and Def Leppard. Well, now I see the folly of my ways and am kind of glad I steered away from the truly homosexual look that dominated the early 90's. Soon after the fall of the Leppard the rock scene got steam rolled by Heavy Metal with Metallica at the wheel. Thankfully Metallica didn't wear the tights or the makeup. Oh yeah, and did I mention the drummer from Def Leppard only had one arm? No? Well he does.

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