Street Fighter 2010 for Nintendo: est 1990

In 1990 Nintendo got a game to remember, Street Fighter 2010. This game was a true 2D miracle - following in the footsteps of other 2D shootem' up games like mario, metroid, double dragon etc. The amazing thing of this game is its legacy. This game was 2nd in a long line of Street Fighter games by Capcom, however they don't resemble anything to this game. In fact, those games were so popular that a movie, featuring none other than Jean Claud Van Dam, was made. But this line of Street Fighter disappeared and was no more. I was really surprised when I found this. Kind of makes you sad that Androboy wasn't featured in Ultimate Street Fighter.


Posted by: Dion

Wow! I didn't think anyone would remember this game. Its so funny back in 1990, you 2010 sounded so far away and by calling it Street Fighter 2010 made it sound so futuristic! I was watching the Terrible terrible Street Fighter Movie and got upset when I seen the main Character was Guile. I said to myself "Ken was the original street fighter, I remember when he was the ONLY one! This was a adventure game!" I was also upset on who wrote the movie cause its a tournament game so why not a tournament MOVIE, but thats a whole different story LOL! But if anyone has or had this game and beat it WOW! This game was extremely hard! Back then there was no MEMORY CARDS so you had to keep it on till it was beat! My friends and I honestly gotten as far as the Waterfall board which we kept falling. That was like the 30th board.

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